What are ten lines you heard recently that left you in awe?

  1. Being poor in spirit means that you realize you can’t do it alone
  2. You should not analyze a blog posts success based on likes but by how you have influenced your audience
  3. A thought is separate from who you are
  4. I totally glossed over card credit in the mindfulness while reading discussion
  5. The entirety of hidden figures, so beautiful! Especially her line when she talked about needing to go to the colored bathrooms
  6. Scott Adams talking about Trump’s rhetoric and saying things so you’ll remember them and how he saved jobs as the first thing he did easily to set a good impression for his first days
  7. Expectation hangover, meaning when what you do isn’t as fulfilling as you think it’ll be
  8. To persuade someone to your stance, first agree with them
  9. Frugal fallout, when you’re frugal for so long then you cave and spend a lot of money
  10. Optimizing Google searches so you’re at the top

Ten People That Made An Impact In Your Life and Why

  1. My brother- he’s not alive anymore and I’m finding it made a huge impact on my upbringing
  2. Larry Winters- he lead me to the biggest self improvement methods and mentors I could ever dream of
  3. My parents- because duh
  4. My uncle- he is always encouraging me to make good financial decisions
  5. Kerri- she became a nun. So inspiring
  6. Ray- my boss who has given me hope for good bosses
  7. Lisa- another mentor who in the little time we’ve known each other has taught me so much about Faith
  8. Jesus- always teaching me and loving me
  9. My grandfathers- both served in the war and both were business owners
  10. Chrissy- getting me to run my first mile straight

You are about to be transported into another planet and must write a book to leave your wisdom behind. Come up with 10 ideas of the book titles that you could write, with 3 items that would go in the table of contents

  1. How to make decisions-putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Understanding your priorities. Saying no carefully
  2. Minimalism- why is it important, how far do you need to go, letting go
  3. The you diet- losing weight is complicated, mental tips and tricks, the slight edge
  4. Defeating scarcity mindset- actions, attitude, perspective
  5. Anatomy of the side hustle- brainstorm, time management, fun
  6. People don’t know how to argue- differing opinions, language, study history
  7. Outsourcing- value of your time, cheap ways to do it, how to choose good employees
  8. Social media- what you should post, what you shouldn’t, what should influence you
  9. Efficient meal planning- nutrition, portions, assembling
  10. Get ahead of the curve-retirement plans, college major, personal growth tips for your early twenties

In going past thank you, what are ten things you can be grateful for right now?

  1. I was born in a country I can practice my religion freely, say what I’d like
  2. I could lose my job tomorrow and be totally ok financially
  3. I have never had a real physical illness, which means little medical expenses and opportunity costs
  4. I’m independent of my parents and am no longer a burden to them
  5. I have a God that is forgiving and thusly a life that is forgiving
  6. Self realization and awareness is something I’m discovering at a young age
  7. I’m good at everything and learn things quickly
  8. I’ve chosen the high road and am not addicted to anything
  9. I’m learning minimalism and abundance mentality is not about possessions
  10. I can change my life at any moment to be more fun if I plan for it

Ten Ways I can Improve My Daily “Emotional” Practice The emotional leg of the daily practice has to do with the people I surround myself with

To simplify this, I’m going to call it ten things I can do to engage in better relationships daily

  1. Send a thinking of you text and ask if there’s anything I can pray for them
  2. Make plans with a friend to do something they enjoy
  3. Offer to donate money to a friend’s favorite charity
  4. Give five compliments a day
  5. Write down why I’m grateful for someone in my life and send it to them
  6. Buy something special for someone but not for a special occasion
  7. Offer words of encouragement
  8. Give to a child’s 529 plan
  9. Give a picture in a frame to family or friends
  10. Make a music playlist for people on Spotify

Ten ideas for fascinating investigative articles I would like to write and for what publication

  1. What men really think when you ask them out- verily
  2. Interviewing ten people who lost at least 50lbs and ask them what the first step they took to do it was and what inspired them. Oprah
  3. Researching non-profits in the Boston area and interviewing their founders about what inspired them to start the organization. Boston Globe
  4. Interviewing small business owners in the area and figuring out what their biggest need is Boston globe
  5. Researching the most successful dating apps/websites Huffington post
  6. Interviewing Catholics who converted and publishing what helped them convert Regina magazine
  7. Do an experiment on trying to get divorced couples back together psychology today
  8. Study how often people talk about finances forbes
  9. Get the stories of people who work in rural areas and then the people who own houses there- USA today
  10. A story on those who make radical changes in their life without being qualified to – NY times

List 10 ways you could generate passive income within the next 3 months and the 2nd step that would have to happen for any of them to move ahead

  1. Investing, add money to the account
  2. Write a book, send it to a publisher
  3. Create a coursera course, get it approved
  4. Build my Amway business, sign someone up on ditto
  5. Create a podcast and get advertisers
  6. Ad sense, create a blog buy a domain
  7. Create music, publish to Spotify
  8. Rent my car, add it to lyft
  9. Create an app, develop app
  10. Invest in a red box, look up how to do that