List 10 apps you would like to use. It does not matter whether they already exist or not, think of what would be helpful for you in particular.

  1. An uber secure app to store all my passwords
  2. An app to find the cheapest parking in Boston
  3. An app to find the closest confession place/time available
  4. An app to find a place to live
  5. An app to see all the yoga classes at all the YMCAs near me
  6. An app that knows my schedule and calculates commute times/ways most  efficient to getting to the next place
  7. Similarly, an app that tells me when I should leave work to avoid traffic
  8. An app that can explain to me how health insurance works/my health bills
  9. An app that can tell me the part my car needs has come in so it can get repaired or just updates me on the status
  10. An app that turns my car on
  11. An app that reads kindle books out loud
  12. An app that displays spin playlists and workout
  13. An app that shows me the cheapest prices for things like toilet paper
  14. An app that keeps a running total of all my utilities
  15. An app that allows me to listen to the same music at the same time as someone else not in the same place as me
  16. An app that takes care of scheduling at work
  17. An app that tracks my north face repairs
  18. An app that keeps track of warranties on things I buy
  19. An app that shows if there is lobster in stock at a grocery store, or any protest in stock
  20. An app that reminds me to change my smoke alarms

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