List 10 things that you don’t like and then turn them into things you can be grateful for.

  1. Being single- thankfully I can focus on the many side hustles I have and not have to worry about maintaining a relationship on top of it
  2. Not having enough money to buy a house- thankfully I can move wherever I want, I don’t have the added stress of maintenance, I can put more money toward retirement
  3. Slow lap top-thankfully it still works after seven years and I don’t have to buy one yet, I have work I can do on a lap top
  4. Not having enough money to max out my Roth IRA on Jan 1st- thankfully I have a Roth IRA in the first place and I can plan accordingly in the future realizing what I know now ( I had planned to spread the payments over the year, but why?)
  5. I don’t have a good relationship with my parents- thankfully I’ll miss them less when they’re gone
  6. I don’t like my job- thankfully it sustains me financially, it’s easy
  7. I’m not able to lose more weight right now- thankfully my food is paid for, I don’t have to worry about gaining
  8. I don’t get to eat anything I want- thankfully I’m learning a lot about my emotional connection with food
  9. Having to brush my teeth- thankfully I don’t pay much for dentist work because my teeth are healthy
  10. I don’t like someone having to accommodate my schedule- thankfully there are people in the world who will do that because they care about me and there are good people
  11. Having to look for a new place to live-thankfully I’m by myself and have a back up plan if worst comes to worst

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