Tell Me Your Favorite 10 Books Of All Time And One Thing You Learned From Each

  1.  Crime and punishment – people were called many different names back in the olden times
  2. The secret garden- I love exclusivity and secrets
  3. Monster at the end of this book- fears aren’t as scary as they seem
  4. Wired that way- not everyone knows everything like I do
  5. How to win friends and influence people- people love to talk about themselves
  6. Rich dad poor dad- build an asset before you buy a liability
  7. Integrity- there’s more to it than doing what you say you will do when you will. It’s about learning value as a whole and not a single entity
  8. Bible- too many things, but most importantly not to judge
  9. Horton hears a who- a life is a life no matter how small
  10. Man’s search for meaning- nothing is as bad as being in a German Nazi camp

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