10 Movies that Caused a Deep Impression on You, and Why

I’m not really into movies, this was hard!

  1. Lions for lambs- opened my eyes to what education could potentially look like in America. Inspired me to know there could be a different option than cookie cutter
  2. Fiddler on the roof- Life has so many more opportunities for me now, but it’s way harder. Sometimes I wonder if an arranged marriage would be better
  3. He’s just not that into you- it’s ok to express your feelings and be vulnerable and you can pick yourself up if they’re not received. See Gigi in Alex’s apartment after the party
  4. Facing the giants- accountability partners go a long way
  5. Passion of the Christ- Kerri pointed out to me that Jesus was playful and had fun, he wasn’t always this serious, contemplative love preaching man
  6. Princess and the frog- sometimes you need to have a little fun on the way to your dreams
  7. The big short- our financial institutions are messed up. Makes me reconsider getting a mortgage
  8. Fireproof- there’s always winning back your wife
  9. Slumdog millionaire- I have it so good
  10. National treasure- I love adventure and a good problem to solve

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