Personal training games for children

My first ever personal training client was a sixth grader with a lot of energy. All morning before I arrived to the appointment I was searching for fun but challenging things to do with her and coming up empty! I found a few things here and there so I’ve rounded them up for you.

All fours tag- both of you get on hands and feet. Try tagging the other person’s hand

Bosu ball catch- each of you stand on a Bosu ball and you throw a medicine ball back and forth

Mirror leg hops- you both stand on one leg. One of you is the leader and hops in one direction, the other has to follow. Go in whatever direction you wish. Switch roles and switch legs

Bosu ball push- try to push the other over while you’re on the Bosu ball

Shuffle mirror- assign someone as the leader. In a power stance (partial squat), the leader shuffles in all different directions while the other follows. Switch

Rubber band stretch- you both step into a strong resistance band. You both face the same direction. One of you goes on all fours and the other stands. Try to oppose each other.

Dodge ball- monkey in the middle, two people roll a core ball between each other trying to hit the person in the middle. Outline a box with cones to contain the game.

Hope these help you!

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