10 new yoga poses you can create, i.e.: use animal names, and describe alignment, purpose & effects

  1. Giraffe- lean forward at hip at 45 degrees, stretch head out. Works on core and neck muscles
  2. Teapot- place one hand on hip, other arm out at 45, bend at waist toward outstretched arm. Core work, stretching side of muscle
  3. Ballerina- stand on top toes and hold arms in a circle above head, elongate back
  4. Walking dead- droop shoulders hang head and drop arms, relaxation practice
  5. Rainbow- arms up and slightly bend backwards, stretches front of body
  6. Pretzel- cross your arms and legs, works on coordination
  7. Tumble weed- curl up into a ball and roll around, massages outer surface of body
  8. Kite- both hands on hips, bend at hips, sway, balance and coordination
  9. Snake- lay on floor, hands by sides, bend left and right at hip and head, gentle stretches
  10. The surprise- open jaw really wide then close, loosens up face muscles

These are great if I do say so myself! Going to yoga tonight!

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