Ten ideas for fascinating investigative articles I would like to write and for what publication

  1. What men really think when you ask them out- verily
  2. Interviewing ten people who lost at least 50lbs and ask them what the first step they took to do it was and what inspired them. Oprah
  3. Researching non-profits in the Boston area and interviewing their founders about what inspired them to start the organization. Boston Globe
  4. Interviewing small business owners in the area and figuring out what their biggest need is Boston globe
  5. Researching the most successful dating apps/websites Huffington post
  6. Interviewing Catholics who converted and publishing what helped them convert Regina magazine
  7. Do an experiment on trying to get divorced couples back together psychology today
  8. Study how often people talk about finances forbes
  9. Get the stories of people who work in rural areas and then the people who own houses there- USA today
  10. A story on those who make radical changes in their life without being qualified to – NY times

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