Ten Ways I can Improve My Daily “Emotional” Practice The emotional leg of the daily practice has to do with the people I surround myself with

To simplify this, I’m going to call it ten things I can do to engage in better relationships daily

  1. Send a thinking of you text and ask if there’s anything I can pray for them
  2. Make plans with a friend to do something they enjoy
  3. Offer to donate money to a friend’s favorite charity
  4. Give five compliments a day
  5. Write down why I’m grateful for someone in my life and send it to them
  6. Buy something special for someone but not for a special occasion
  7. Offer words of encouragement
  8. Give to a child’s 529 plan
  9. Give a picture in a frame to family or friends
  10. Make a music playlist for people on Spotify

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