In going past thank you, what are ten things you can be grateful for right now?

  1. I was born in a country I can practice my religion freely, say what I’d like
  2. I could lose my job tomorrow and be totally ok financially
  3. I have never had a real physical illness, which means little medical expenses and opportunity costs
  4. I’m independent of my parents and am no longer a burden to them
  5. I have a God that is forgiving and thusly a life that is forgiving
  6. Self realization and awareness is something I’m discovering at a young age
  7. I’m good at everything and learn things quickly
  8. I’ve chosen the high road and am not addicted to anything
  9. I’m learning minimalism and abundance mentality is not about possessions
  10. I can change my life at any moment to be more fun if I plan for it

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