You are about to be transported into another planet and must write a book to leave your wisdom behind. Come up with 10 ideas of the book titles that you could write, with 3 items that would go in the table of contents

  1. How to make decisions-putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Understanding your priorities. Saying no carefully
  2. Minimalism- why is it important, how far do you need to go, letting go
  3. The you diet- losing weight is complicated, mental tips and tricks, the slight edge
  4. Defeating scarcity mindset- actions, attitude, perspective
  5. Anatomy of the side hustle- brainstorm, time management, fun
  6. People don’t know how to argue- differing opinions, language, study history
  7. Outsourcing- value of your time, cheap ways to do it, how to choose good employees
  8. Social media- what you should post, what you shouldn’t, what should influence you
  9. Efficient meal planning- nutrition, portions, assembling
  10. Get ahead of the curve-retirement plans, college major, personal growth tips for your early twenties

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