What are ten lines you heard recently that left you in awe?

  1. Being poor in spirit means that you realize you can’t do it alone
  2. You should not analyze a blog posts success based on likes but by how you have influenced your audience
  3. A thought is separate from who you are
  4. I totally glossed over card credit in the mindfulness while reading discussion
  5. The entirety of hidden figures, so beautiful! Especially her line when she talked about needing to go to the colored bathrooms
  6. Scott Adams talking about Trump’s rhetoric and saying things so you’ll remember them and how he saved jobs as the first thing he did easily to set a good impression for his first days
  7. Expectation hangover, meaning when what you do isn’t as fulfilling as you think it’ll be
  8. To persuade someone to your stance, first agree with them
  9. Frugal fallout, when you’re frugal for so long then you cave and spend a lot of money
  10. Optimizing Google searches so you’re at the top

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