Finance-Minimalism game day 30


Poems, index cards, more post its, glue, white out, remote I never use


Finance- Minimalism Game day 29


Trimming the fat…. really looking into getting rid of things that I’m keeping for little good reason. Glue, marker, more clothing, bags, earrings, extra spot cleaner, extra Centrum, wash cloths, travel size skin care. This was tough, but I amaze myself every time!

Fitness-Workout Plan for a client with Osteoperosis

I have concluded that I will be video taping my own workouts at some point in my life. Good exercise videos are hard to find!

I created this workout for a client with Osteoporosis. After researching PTOntheNET I found that weight bearing exercises are the most effective (almost all exercises are weight bearing. Swimming, biking, and rowing are the few that aren’t effectively weight bearing).

An interesting note from their article “Osteoporosis Prevention through Fitness and Nutrition”:

A study by Tufts University physiologist Miriam Nelson, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed that postmenopausal women who performed just two 40-minute strength training sessions a week for one year gained one percent in bone density, while women in the sedentary control group lost two percent. 

They also need to work on balance because falls prevention is critical to preventing injury of weak bones. She specifically requested lumbar spine exercises, so I printed this packet from Princeton University. I love the dead bug exercise because it helps with coordination. I also love the anti-rotations. Here’s the plan:

Set 1 10-12 reps of each 

1. Shoulder press on Bosu Ball  3lbs

**You should do one shoulder at a time to get more time on the ball

Progression- Higher weight or stand on one foot

2. Body weight squat to box 

**There’s a wooden bar in the fitness center for reference to keep your back straight, ask a trainer if you can’t find it! (wooden bars help clients maintain straight back)

***The box was ~22 inches high

***Slow reps, work toward tapping the box with your butt and not sitting

Progression-Hold a weight at your chest, shorten the box height, use one leg

3. Dead bug Exercise

**Slow and steady

***Hold everything tight

Progression-Build up your reps to 10-12 on each side

Set 2  

1. Bent over Row 8lbs 10-12 reps

**Chest high

Progression-Increase weight, hold at top of pull

2. Step downs 10-12 reps

**Slow and steady

***Heel not toe

Progression-Make the platform higher

3. Anti-Rotations hold 30 secs

**Stand tall

Progressions-Increase weight, squat position while holding

Bonus: Sandbag side to side (8-10 pounds, 10-12 each side)

Finance-Minimalism game day 25


Anyone notice I’ve been avoiding clothes? Anyone? Well here they are. All 25 of them. Bathing suits, scarves, coats, a third Northeastern sweatshirt, dresses that are too big, one with a broken zipper, shorts and pants that are too big. Finally shedding the last bit of “weight” from my weight loss back in November. My closet still looks full! I would like to replace some staples, though, like dress pants. In due time. Part of me wants to hold onto them in case I gain the weight back. I know I won’t. I know it. To refresh everyone’s memory…


November 2015


November 2016



Finance-Minimalism Day 24


Got rid of the rest of the plastic hangers… I can buy more! Another wall plug that I don’t think works, a couple boxes that I organized the contents of better, a luggage tag, catalogues and bags to give samples out of, foot things for my scale that I can’t even find the fourth of, there’s a screw hidden in the picture and a plastic hook that blends in. Trust me, I’m not cheating, I wouldn’t come this far!