Fitness-Yoga for Runners

Since paying off my student loans I have subscribed to getting a massage every month, guilt free. I love love love it. I started going because of low back pain, but now go to maintain sanity and relaxation.

Every time I go she emphasizes the need for me to stretch more. To be more accountable to this I started taking Yoga when I can. It makes me stretch for an hour, I have to do the poses and the instructor has the ability to correct my form. The issue is it doesn’t always fit in my schedule. The last time I went to see her, she told me either I need to stop teaching spin so much or I need to stretch.

Cue YouTube. I am so determined to not end up crippled and inflexible that I needed a better solution for me (see my post on doing what you know you will do).

Here is a great Yoga for Runners sequence. It makes me want to cry a little, but by the end I feel like I’ve walked out of a massage.

I see her in a couple weeks and have done this a couple times already. Looking forward to seeing what she thinks. By the way, I go to Element’s Massage in Burilington, MA in case you’re looking for a place!

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