Faith- Pray ten minutes a day

I’ve never been able to read the bible consistently or develop a prayer life. I’ve always wanted to change that, but it’s been a struggle until recently.

Over the summer I met a woman who has become a friend and mentor to me. She suggested I use a devotional and sit and write while reading it for ten minutes a day. She was wonderful enough to send it to me in the mail. It’s this one. It’s beautiful.

I’m not sure what about this particular prayer method I love so much. The activity aspect, the strict and manageable deadline of a mere ten minutes, accountability to Lisa. But I do.

I’m not perfect so I don’t do it every day. I’ll get there.

Today this struck me- “When you find your completeness in Me, you can help other people without using them to meet your own needs”.

What have I been using people for lately? To feel significant? To feel important? To feel better? To feel righteous? I think all of those.

At work I feel forced to be someone I’m not. I feel forced to be fake. I feel forced to play the corporate game. Worst of all I feel inauthentic. I wrestle with the feelings this creates in me. Should I figure out how to be happy being more like they want? Should I assume that’s how God would want me to act? What would God do?

I’m not sure the answers, but I’m hoping somewhere in this ten minutes a day I find them.

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