Finance-Side hustle number 1

In four years and three months I managed to pay off $25,000 in student loans and a $13,000 car loan. I also managed to save $25,000 in retirement. It wasn’t easy. I sacrificed A LOT.  I worked A LOT. I lost friendships, missed out on many experiences, and was very worn out. That being said, I don’t regret it for a minute.

I want to relive these past four years through blog posts. In case I ever get too high on my horse, I’ll remember the humble beginnings I came from. I’m not sure why money is a struggle for me. I keep asking God’s help, I study successful people all the time, and yet I still feel like I’m not living  my potential. Here’s some insight into what that struggle has looked like so far.

I’ll post a serious on side gigs, probably one on sacrifices, one on retirement, and another on my full time job. Maybe this will be helpful for my kids someday. I wish I had kept a blog during it, but honestly I don’t think I could’ve. This won’t be done in any particular order. Some things are more emotional to talk about and take more energy and some won’t. It’ll depend on how I’m feeling. Go with it!

Side gig number one-babysitting. I wasn’t really looking to do this specifically, I didn’t seek out families. I was attending a young adult group and one of the attendees was a mom of two (which turned into three as time went on). I happened to mention if she needed a baby sitter I could help out and I wouldn’t charge much. Honestly I know how expensive a night out can be, she’s a stay at home mom, and we met at Church so I really wanted to be charitable. I think we ended on $12 an hour? Which ends up not being the lowest of my side gig jobs depending on how you calculate things. There’s no taxes involved, the kids were great, I watched kids movies and read, and it gave me time to relax and have fun honestly. Usually that cash would wind up being my donation cash for Sunday’s. I am terrible at getting money from the ATM so it was helpful to have that on hand. Pretty easy! That was one, maybe two, nights a month.

Babysitting- I highly recommend it if you can be disciplined to not spend it. No taxes. Low key. To get started get out in your community and meet people! Go do a service event at your church. Always remember-it may not be the first person you meet who will be the person you need, it may be the person they know who will help you. Always be nice and build connections, you never know where it will lead. I casually mentioned it to her not really thinking it would turn into anything and it did! I didn’t keep track but I bet I made $500 during our time together.


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