Finance-Why did I do that?

I graduated from Northeastern University five years ago and still receive their alumni activity emails. I didn’t prioritize these events while I was working so much and I was outside the city. One of the series they run is a workout series featuring different gyms  around the city, sometimes founded by NU alum sometimes not. I attended such an event a week ago and was spurred to sign up for more.

I went a little crazy and signed up for the next work out and a Red Sox game. Side note, I’m a schedule fanatic. Everything that’s extra in my life, not my main job and not working out, is in my schedule. Turns out, I have a conference the same weekend as the Red Sox game! What was I thinking? Why did I do that? I always check my schedule. It also said “All sales are final”. Well… If I’ve learned anything from all my studying of personal finance it’s that nothing is set in stone. So I emailed the coordinator and I was refunded! You just never know.

My second issue happened a couple weeks ago when I signed up for the live recording of the podcast “Tell me something I  don’t know“. It’s happening tomorrow night at the Wilbur theater in Boston. I did it through ticket master which is the biggest rip off to start with. I was charged a $20 service fee for a $100 ticket. Then they asked me if I wanted insurance which I thought was just a free add on or something? Which I should’ve been suspicious of and my dad’s voice saying nothing in life is free was speaking to me, but I am also someone who has always thought the best of others. Well it was $8!!! I emailed twice asking for a refund  and received no response. Whatever, that’s just one hour working at the YMCA I wasted.

I don’t know why these things happen to me sometimes. But they do. And every time I swear they won’t happen again. I’m learning and growing and changing but I haven’t shaken this yet. My mind beats myself up. Why did you waste that money? Could’ve been used here or there! It’s ok, that’s scarcity mindset, it’s just $8, you can go earn it again. And back and forth.

It fades eventually, there are only a couple times that I remember wasting significant amounts of money. When it’s fresh it’s annoying!

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