Faith-Resisting Happiness


I’m not really sure what constitutes a copyright violation, but this is from the book Resisting Happiness and if you click the link you can get a free copy.

I picked it up for free at a Church in Stowe, Vermont I  attended. It’s really nice that Churches provide resources for their parish community. I almost felt guilty taking it, but that’s the devil for you.

I would give the book about 8/10.  the chapters were really short and to the point; very much my style. The most important part is what you take away from the book two months later. Here’s what I still remember.

  • Write down one thing you took away from Mass that week
  • Praying ten minutes a day can change your life (this is something I started doing in January and got out of the habit. Now that my schedule is less crazy, I will start again)
  • This is something I’ve really become conscious of over the last year. What am I hungry for?  So many times I   would turn to eating to fulfill something- comfort or good feelings. Instead of addressing the real issue at hand. Now I can acknowledge when I’m eating to fill a need. That’s a huge step- being self aware. I’m not yet perfect at addressing it from there, but I recognize it happening. My nutritionist said that I need to step off the guilt trip train. That it’s ok to eat to feel good once in a while. It’s ok if the scale doesn’t change. Yeah it can be frustrating but life moves on. So what? Move on. What’s beating yourself up going to do?

Ask yourself, what are you hungry for? Maybe it’s not food, maybe it’s for relationship. Maybe it’s for God. Maybe you don’t know. The only way you’ll know is by eating. Maybe you eat the wrong thing and throw up. Maybe you feel terrible. Well, then, you learn. And you grow. And you won’t eat it again. Or maybe you do. Eventually you’ll figure it out if you keep trying to be the best you you can be. I think that’s what Sainthood is all about. I think this is a great book to get you closer. It’s a quick read.  Pick it up sometime!

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