Fitness-Osteoperosis workout 2

Set 1:
10-12 reps
1. Squat with Bosu ball and arm extension (Bring the arms out and in at the bottom of the squat)
*To increase intensity, add more weight
*Add pause at top to increase intensity
**Slow and controlled movement
*Add hold in the down position
**She does it kneeling, but I think standing in a lunge position is better.
Set 2:
10-12 reps
*Use a weight for balance then eventually for strength and increasing difficulty
*Started with 6lbs
**Slow and steady
***Keep shoulders high on ball to help discomfort in neck area
*20 sec hold
**Start to make circles with your elbows as you advance
Replacement exercise for dead bug in Workout 1:
10-12 reps
She complained that dead bug gave her back problems so we switched it out.
I am the star of the video of chest press on Bosu ball!

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