Finance-Frugal Clothing Finds

When I was paying off my debt I spent little to no money on clothing. I was so focused on paying it off I didn’t spend hardly anything on extras.

This can be a struggle on your wardrobe, especially when you’re losing weight. Introducing the clothing swap.

The idea is all your friends (and their friends) purge their closets and bring their clothes to a mutual friends’ house. There’s usually food involved, but not necessary. Then everyone goes through the clothing and picks out items they’d like to take home.

This saved me through the last few years. I never really brought clothes because I was size huge and none of my friends were. As I was losing weight I started fitting into more and more clothes that my friends would bring. A few more inches and I’ll be able to fit into a ton.

For now I take a lot of good items away. We had a clothing swap this past weekend. To give you an example of what I took-this is a picture of me in a dress from White House Black Market. Very flattering if I do say so myself!


It’s the perfect work dress because it has sleeves and as it gets warmer it’s long enough I don’t have to wear tights.

I am so glad I don’t have to go shopping for dresses. I grabbed three work worthy ones at the swap! I now have a weekly wardrobe-before I only had one or two I could wear in the summer.

It also helps having your friends’ opinions while you’re trying clothes on. I trust them to say yay or nay.

Remember, this dress was free!

I volunteered to take the leftover clothes to salvation army. 6 garbage bags worth! Oh, and you can bring jewelry, belts, and shoes. I grabbed a white belt to accent a new black dress I took!

Some of you may think it’s weird… but who cares?! I think 3/4 articles of clothing I have are from the clothing swap. No one knows the difference.

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