Finance-The Big Reward

The following picture was my schedule in September of this year. What’s interesting is this was a month after I paid off my student loans, but truly I had residual gang-busters attitude sticking with me. There are probably months I could find earlier that it’s even crazier, but we’ll work with this. There are not many days I wasn’t working at least two jobs.

What’s not pictured-My normal TED hours on the weekend and my engineering job from 6am-230pm, and eating dinner at Framingham state every day for my food study. When you see “TED” it’s extra TED hours. When you see “work” it’s front desk work at the YMCA.

The double JCC cycles is some bug with my calendar app.  I can’t do repeat events in Tiny Calendar, so I do it in google instead and sync it, but they end up showing up weird. I like Tiny Calendar because it has this view. Google and apple don’t.

The miles/weird text is my mileage for training for my half marathon. Yes, I need to schedule mass and yoga in otherwise I won’t do them. There are two social events.


I kept telling myself it would be worth it. Coming out the other side-now having no student loan debt- I can tell you with every fiber of my being it was worth it. Am I rolling in dough now? No. Am I buying a house? No. But you know what, if I were to lose my job I would only have a $200 car payment to take care of. I could go home and live with my parents (as a last resort) and I would only need to do that after about a year (because I have an emergency fund). I can sustain myself on my side gig income.

That, my friends is the big reward. Financial security.

The second big reward is my upcoming Europe trip, Spain France and Italy with EF College Break. Here’s what I’m doing:

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 8.22.01 PM

I can’t tell you how much I sacrificed. Maybe one day I’ll put a list of all the things I gave up to pay off my debts. And to be honest, I struggled buying this trip. It’s expensive-$3600. That’s a good chunk of change. But do you see that schedule I had? Do you know that I never travelled abroad? That I’m the only Catholic that’s never been to Rome? (ok, exaggeration… kinda). That Barcelona has been on my bucket list since I studied it in middle school learning Spanish? I even polled my spin class-Do I buy the Europe trip or do I save for a downpayment? They’re all in their 50s-60s-70s. You know what they all said? Buy the Europe trip.

I cannot wait to go. I am so excited.

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