Faith- Fasting is not only for food

When I was a baby Catholic I had only thought about fasting in the context of food. As I grew in my faith I learned fasting could be applied to many mediums- social media, porn, dating, music, etc.

I’ve struggled with my emotions around food so I’ve avoided fasting in the traditional sense. I may try experimenting with this again soon, but I have fasted from other things.

In an attempt to have realistic relationship expectations I fasted from watching romantic comedies and chick flicks while I was dating someone. In the beginning of the relationship I did have some unrealistic expectations. For example, when he would go home for the weekend he would leave Friday directly after work and not return until Sunday night. I remember thinking “maybe this one time he’ll come home early on Sunday so he can see me”. Another time, I was having a particularly tough day (which he knew about) and I was making him dinner. I had hoped he would bring wine with him to my place, but he didn’t.

Eventually I became more grounded in my expectations. As with any personal growth, it didn’t happen over night or because of one strategy. For one, it helped that I fasted from chick flicks. For two, I would ask my friend if my expectations were too high and she’d tell me yes. And for three, I have found over time that I am more thoughtful on average and I should not fault others for not being.

The friend I was on the phone with when I was crying said “The one thing you should avoid right now is watching chick flicks”. This is very limiting on Netflix, I have to tell you.

I’ve also fasted from spending money on food for a month. I’ll write a blog post about that one day. I fasted from spending money on clothes for a couple years.

I’m sure one day I’ll be able to watch chick flicks and not feel terrible about my love life. I wish there was a rule I use for when I know I’m ready, but usually it’s when I don’t throw a pity party for myself after watching one. For the time being I’ll keep watching obscure movies like Chocolat and any other recommendations you may send my way (that are on Netflix).

I’m trying failing at fasting from social media. I now take walks at work instead of social media breaks, which helps. I wish I could get to a place where seeing posts wouldn’t make me feel bitter/sad/resentful instead of having to fast from it. I guess there’s still a lot of work to be done on myself. Or God could just provide me with a husband… 😉

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