Faith-God Wink

Today was another tough day. Beside feeling the full spectrum of emotions, I guess nothing really difficult happened.

Typically when I get to the JCC I grab the newspaper so I can fill in the Soduko and exercise my brain (get it?). My ex boyfriend and I started doing the cross word together, too. I thought about not grabbing the paper today, but I should try to return to normal.

One of my spin students, an older gentleman, uses the exercise machines every Monday. He has seen me doing the cross word before and knows I struggle. Today he stops and helps me a little then leaves. Next thing I know he comes back in and has  it completed and told me to use it if I get stuck.

In some small way I believe that was God reminding me I’m not in this alone. When God drops in your life like this my friend uses the term “God Wink”. They’re cute signals between you and Him that only you would really understand are special.

They don’t magically make everything all better. They offer a tiny dose of comfort in an otherwise uncomfortable day.

Here is my lame attempt vs. the completed one.

(This is not to say that he doesn’t remind me every day that I’m not alone. I cannot tell you the support I’ve received from numerous friends. But this was extra special, and this was especially unique)

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