Fitness and Faith-The hippie in me


Supposedly there have been studies that show getting out in nature is a mood booster. I could use some mood boosting. Thankfully, we have been blessed with decent weather and I had time between my two jobs to visit Cutler park yesterday.

Maybe I make fitness and health look easy, but it’s not always. I did not want to do this yesterday. I had tripped and fell over a root at this same park a couple weeks prior, I am still nervous about my calf strain/pull, I mostly felt like going home and sleeping, and I knew I would use the time to converse with God over things I was upset with Him about. I’m not sure what causes me to say yes to these things despite my excuses. If I figure it out maybe I’ll write a book, or a blog post.

This park is beautiful and the weather was near perfect. I try to be in the moment and not take pics, but I couldn’t help but take one of the incredibly luscious woods I was surrounded by. There’s also a beautiful pond and a really cool marsh. Maybe I’ll update this with more pictures.

I started out my walk with an Our Father, it’s my default prayer I use to get my attention on God. Then I proceeded to get in arguments with Him, cry, get distracted, ask a lot of unanswered questions, the usual.

At one point I hear myself apologize. Apologize for not having more Faith in Him. In His plan.

The reason I started walking was because my friend was meeting me to run. When she arrived we both decided to keep walking instead of run. We walked for two hours. She reminds me of me. She’s looking for someone who will make her better, trust her, and she agrees you’ll know within six months if someone is the one.

After all was said and done, I walked 6.5 miles. Contrast that with today-I came home, took a two hour nap, and was going to check out this running club but it started thunder storming I was worn out.

Yesterday, I felt happy and relieved I went for a walk. Today, I felt happy and relieved I didn’t put a ton of pressure on myself to get out.

There’s no “perfect” answer. There’s the best answer for you at the time and in your situation. Whatever your decision, don’t beat yourself up over it (easier said than done).

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