Today I tried a new relaxation therapy-Floating, at  Float Boston. Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, I can do that in a pool and not pay $60. This is SO different. Basically there’s a giant tub of Epsom salt and you float in it for 60 or 90 minutes (or longer if you buy more sessions, but those are the standard).

First you put in ear plugs, it’s really annoying getting swimmers ear normally, imagine how it is with dense liquid. They provide silicone ones for you. It’s best to put them on when your ears are dry. I don’t think I did it quite right but it worked fine. Here’s a picture with the prep material. Ear plugs, petroleum jelly for cuts, make-up remover.


Then you have to shower. The bath water is sanitized using UV rays, but obviously that can’t zap out dirt.


Finally, you get in the tub, disguised as a chamber. Or vice versa?


It took me what felt like forever to relax my head. They give you floaties you can use (see the blue thing hanging from the wall in the shower picture?) but my ego was like “nahh I’ll be able to relax”. Well I regretted not grabbing it because it felt like by the time I was going to be able to relax I’d have to get out. Thankfully the guy gave me tips to move my arms around, which I did, and I ended up putting them behind my head as a little support. This helped, but then when I’d take them away it was still really stressful. Eventually I turned my attention to other things. After what felt like 45 minutes my body adjusted and relaxed and it felt like I was in a zero gravity chamber but had this even pressure on the backside of my body.

Then it felt like another 45 minutes passed…. and another 45. Sitting still for an hour is not my strong suit. I was pretty bored so I started trying to sink my different body parts, pushing myself from one end of the tub to the other, stretching my back. I thought about leaving early, but the fact that I paid for it made me stay. And I wanted to get the full experience. There’s music that plays that cues you to leave. I was able to truly relax and it did feel nice. I didn’t feel like sleeping, just felt restful.

Finally the music played and I hopped out. The liquid is pretty slippery and it makes your body and the tub slippery. I was clumsy trying to open the hatch, it’s kinda heavy. Then you shower again and head on your merry way. I didn’t think to bring a hair brush, but thankfully I live a five minute walk away so it wasn’t long before I had one.

I don’t know that I’d do it again, but I gave it a shot. Actually, that’s a lie, I can totally see myself doing that when I am pregnant. I do feel relaxed, but I’ll have to report tomorrow if there’s any more noticeable difference. My muscles did feel more relaxed on the whole while in there.


  • Definitely DO NOT shave. I made the mistake of shaving my arm pits, and even that bothered me for a while when I was in there.
  • Definitely bring conditioner/hair brush
  • Don’t stress yourself out trying to relax, just let it happen by taking your mind off it
  • Have fun! I played with the buoyancy, it was cool
  • I would probably keep my hair loosely tied next time. Mine was down.


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