Finance-Top of the Hub

Yesterday I knocked a long-standing item off my bucket list, going to the Top of the Hub, a restaurant at the top of the Prudential Center in Boston. This is one of those splurges that I wouldn’t do while I was on my relentless pay-down-debt fight.

This-THIS is my reward for paying off my debt. So I can enjoy experiences like this guilt-free. This is why it’s worth it to be diligent about paying off debts.

I sometimes get stuck between enjoying the moment and taking pictures, so I honestly don’t have good pictures, but I’ll post the few I do have.

You have to check in with an ID at the lobby of the Prudential Tower and take the elevator to the 52nd floor. Then you’re warmly greeted, brought to a table that has already been plated to just be de-plated so your food can get plated (the funniest things about these restaurants. I get it… but.)

Then they come around with bread (they don’t simply leave it on the table). Then they come and pour your drink, OH AND they had my favorite Cider! Lookout Farm Cider was the first hard cider I had ever tried and it was delicious. It’s from a farm in Natick where I used to live. I had it in August right before my study started. I had been looking for it and my friend happened to see it and order it on the menu! So anyway, they pour your cider, but it doesn’t all fit so they leave the bottle on the table. Then after you drink some they come and finish pouring for you. My point is, the service was magnificent. We were treated like royalty. When you go to places like this you’re spending on money on great food and great service.

We both picked from the prix fixe menu, which includes three courses for $30. The portion sizes were perfect. I didn’t leave feeling stuffed.

I’ll show the pictures from West to East. Here’s looking back toward Fenway Park, you can see the Citgo sign if you look close enough!


Here’s the Mass Ave Bridge. The bottom is Newbury and Back Bay. Across the way you see MIT. This is the view we had for dinner. My friend thought the East view was better, but I disagreed, I liked the river. Then we agreed the corner table had it best.


Here’s the rest of Newbury and Longfellow bridge.


Next you will see the hatch shell all decorated for the Fourth of July!


Then Boston Commons


And finally the Hancock tower.


And finally here’s us. Ok, when we were taking the picture I envisioned us separated and in the space between would be the view. I didn’t communicate that very well. That’s why we’re awkwardly standing with weird distance in-between us. Good1

All in all:

  • you get what you pay for.
  • I would 100% do this again, but only if it was on a date. (It was hard not to be bitter at all the couples there)
  • I would love to do it at night.
  • I would ask for the corner table.
  • I would not worry about price.

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