Fitness, Finance, and Faith-Lobster Roll

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with a very dear friend of mine from my Hofstra days, Julia. She was instrumental in me forming my faith and being a role model for me. She was in town from Tacoma, Washington for another mutual friend’s wedding.

She really wanted to eat a lobster roll while she was here. I have had one other lobster roll in my life. Typically my family eats lobster straight. I did what any millennial does, googled good lobster roll places in Boston. I found Luke’s Lobster Place. It’s kinda like B. Good for seafood. They are very transparent where the food is sourced from. Here’s a picture of outside the store.


That chalk board has a list of where the seafood comes from. Disappointingly, the lobster came from a harbor in Canada. This was the only downside to this place.


Here are a few pictures of the decor. Very festive.

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Here’s the menu, albeit a little blurry. It was a sunny day out. Kinda expensive, but as expected for seafood. Very basic. They were pretty trusting because you were responsible for grabbing your own drink and chips from the cooler and shelves.

IMG_6829 2

Despite not being from Maine, the lobster was pretty good. The lobster roll as a whole was delicious. It was loaded with lobster, the roll was gently toasted, and they went very light on the mayo. The slaw was wicked good and of course the Cape Cod chips were amazing. Coincidentally, I had that blueberry soda when I had my first ever lobster roll in Portland, ME. That soda is manufactured there. Deliciousness.


Fitness. I have eaten out quite a bit this weekend. I’m trying not to think about it and I’m also trying to make up for it in activity. I’m currently dog sitting in Newton, so I ended up walking to the T-station, walking around Boston Common waiting for them, then walking home from the T-station. I also ran a half hour this morning, then took the pup out again for another quick walk when I got home. I’m going to spin tomorrow morning and perhaps a hike, I haven’t decided.

Finance. I have also spent quite a bit of money this weekend. I’m trying to not to think about that either. It’s ok to enjoy myself and splurge, right?

I keep saying I’m going to do a re-assessment of sorts of my life. But honestly, I wouldn’t have done this weekend any differently.


Finally, faith. Seeing how Julia and Trevor worked as a team in the very short time I was with them was really inspiring. There was no drama, only coordination and team work. Both the kids loved them equally and were so well behaved. I know that it can’t always be as easy as they made it look, but I admired them all the same. I know there must be a lot of work that goes into this. Also sacrifice, also love. They took every moment and struggle in stride. The way Trevor served his family was beautiful and I realize why waiting for a man like him is worth the wait. Only love could produce as cool of a kid as Alana.


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