Fitness-Mixing it up

Ideal Guilt-ridden Sarah had plans to go walk the dog, do spin class, then hike the blue hills. If you’ve been following you’ve seen a small margin of the eating I’ve been doing.

Today I had all the time in the world in the morning to kick ass beat myself up for all the food I’ve been eating. Well, I didn’t end up at spin class. I did walk the dog twice and go to the Blue Hills to hike. I joke about how if I ever get arrogant about how in-shape I am, I go for a hike and am humbled. I was ready for something different beside running.

I told myself to be daring, to be adventurous. What did I end up doing? Taking the road to the top instead of a trail. WOMP. But, I did discover something new at the Blue Hills, this observatory.


But I see why no one goes there. There aren’t pretty views. That’s why everyone goes to the Great Blue Hill to see this…


Which is oddly only about a two minute walk from the observatory. There’s some sort of lesson in this adventure about how there are undiscovered things hiding two minutes away from you, but I’ll leave that to you to learn on your own.

I spent about two hours roaming the park and met this really great guy from Israel who’s name I can’t pronounce. He’s a computer engineer, of all things.

Here’s a really cool path I could’ve taken to the top (but didn’t).


This was the road I took instead. See that lady in the distance? She was dragging a tire tied to her waist to the top. Made me feel like a slacker.


I spent a little over 2 hours walking through the trails before I called it quits so that I had time to nap, shower, walk the dog again, and head to the BBQ I was attending in Cambridge. They have a zoo there near where I parked, so I dropped by a couple exhibits. Here is an otter doing backflips. IMG_4764

Here’s a bald eagle, AMERICA.IMG_1826

Speaking of America…this was spotted at the BBQ I went to… IMG_6087

#winning. As was my adorable outfit for this year. Shirt was $30 from Marshall’s, it’s Michael Kors. I love it. Another thing I wouldn’t have bought during my debt pay off stage. It made me feel so good about myself. Worth it! The skirt is actually from my bathing suit which is also wicked cute, but I don’t have a pic of.


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