As I’ve alluded to, I’m currently dog sitting in Newton. Have no fear, there will be a post about that.

What else do I have to do beside walk the dog then explore. I turned to Atlas Obscura once again to discover the Echo Bridge which fatefully is a five minute walk from me. Well this is what it first looks like.


As I recall, there was a platform to my right that I should’ve went down to experiment with echoes, but I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow. At the end of this bridge there were some school boys doing some recreational drugs.

Here are some views from the bridge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I went over the bridge and down this pathIMG_9652

And saw a great view of the bridge from the bottom.


And kept going and found a dam.IMG_1156

There were two love birds sitting on the path. Gag. I felt like falling asleep the whole time, I was pretty drowsy because I didn’t really nap before I left even though I tried. This path ended, so I turned around and went back.

I crossed another bridge, obviously they hold great pride in their towns because the town line is clearly indicated.


I muscled through the drowsiness until I got to the end of this other path.


I finally turned around and made my way back home. There were only a couple times I was fearful of being alone.

I pray the man I one day marry is more adventurous than me.

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