Faith-The Dating Game

I use a dating app called Coffee Meets Bagel. I have had the most success with this app.

If you read anything about dating today you probably hear a lot about how hard it is. Here’s an example of why.

This guy was oddly familiar. He is conservative, shoots guns, and rides motorcycles. He asks for my number, which is odd to me because every other guy has asked me on a date before asking for my number. So I told him no, he has to earn it. Conversations close after a week, which basically puts pressure on the two of you to make moves. Our conversation lapses and honestly I’m a little relieved because I’m not that excited about him. He ends up using points (you get a certain amount) to open our conversation back up. He then says “did I earn your number now?” What the heck? Because you used points on an app to open a conversation after it lapsed because you didn’t have the guts to ask me on a date by now? Where do men get these ideas from, honestly?

Here’s the conversation that ensues.


Well at least we’ve established I’m smart and I know what I’m talking about? Ok moving on from here. He finally asks me out on a date and I offer up Saturday lunch or Sunday dinner. I then realize that’s very committal and intense, so I back track and say we can just do drinks at either time. He replies with “let’s do Saturday”. Then the following occurs…


First of all, be decisive and take the lead Mr. Conservative. We’re already talking about doing date 2 and date 1 hasn’t even happened? Do I have a say here? He doesn’t end up picking, he talks more about his surgery. Then this was last night, Friday, almost like an after thought.


I thought it was in some dating 101 manual somewhere that women want men to plan dates aka take the lead. Did that get taken out? Again, I was put in-between a rock and a hard place. I look like a witch for backing out the day before, but if this is any indication of how the relationship will go I want none of it. I hope the way I said this was loving enough. I gave him a chance to say he didn’t see the message, I gave him the chance to say I didn’t know that’s what you wanted, I gave him the chance to fix it, and he didn’t reply.

Men seem to want this hybrid conservative/pro-woman woman that let’s them get away with doing no work. Keep looking, my friends. A woman is still a woman at heart. She wants to feel beautiful, be pursued, and to be lead even if she is the CEO of her company.

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