Fitness-Portion Control

Tonight I went on a date in Assembly Square. We went to Earl’s Kitchen which has a really diverse menu. Sushi, sandwiches, steak, seafood, tacos, noodle bowls, etc.

I ended up picking the Dynamite Roll for a couple reasons. One, I haven’t had sushi since before my study (August of last year). Two, it’s way easier portion control. It’s still a satisfying amount, but I don’t walk away stuffed.

Bonus reason, LOOK HOW GOOD THIS LOOKS. And spicy mayo. Ok two bonus reasons.

It ended up being perfect. It was delicious. Service was fantastic, the waitress kept my water cup full the whole time which is difficult because I drink a lot of water and the cup was small. A+ for service.

We sat on the porch and it was nice except the sun was in my date’s eyes most of the time. Whoops. Still such a newbie sometimes. He could’ve said something I guess.

I didn’t take that picture or any pictures because, well, I didn’t want to be that person. Next time I go.

I knew myself well enough to know I’ve been struggling with portion control lately and I didn’t work out today. So I ordered accordingly, and it was delicious. Make healthy decisions easier to make before you have to make them. Like ordering a dish with a small portion size. It’s ok to do that.

I bet you’re all dying to know how it went. I’ll let the suspense keep you reading.

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