Fitness-Goal Achieved

In my head, anyone who runs a sub 30min 5k is a really fast runner. It’s a sub 10 minute mile and it sounds so fast. Since I started running races that was my goal.

My first ever race, the one I ran in my bio picture, was a 35:55.

Tonight, under insane circumstances, I ran a 29:57.

As the start gun went off, this was the warning that flashed on my phone.


I went out really really fast, but felt really strong. I was caught behind a bunch of people but the pack was moving pretty quickly. Then I miscalculated and thought 20mins was actually 30mins. When I realized what I did, I petered out BIG TIME and practically gave up, but stayed strong. That was craziness about this PR 1.

Craziness about this PR 2 was that at about the same time it started raining, then it started DOWN POURING. I mean, DOWN POURING.

This is the best picture I could muster while huddled under a building.


So. Wet. This is the puddle I left behind on the train.


The rain slowed me down a lot because I kept sliding in my shoes. Or so I thought. I either smashed the first 2.5ish miles, or I didn’t slow down as much as I thought for the last 1 ish.

It doesn’t matter. I did it.

It took me six years. SIX YEARS to accomplish this. Never give up.

I’ve been really hard on myself lately. About my weight, my career, my singleness, my finances, my fitness, everything.

I think God knew I needed this. He knew I needed a big win under my belt.

It’s also a bit of release. My other huge goal is to do a pull up. It’s almost like God’s saying ok, enough with the cardio obsession, you can take a chill pill and go lift weights.

We’ll see.

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