Fitness-Workout Schedule

When I came back from Europe I was dead set on getting myself in a consistent workout schedule. It’s difficult with my schedule sometimes, but this has been the gist of it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.49.37 PM

I plan four days of weightlifting in case I miss one, and there’s nothing wrong with a bonus day if I hit them all!

I am always curious about the details of peoples’ transformations and schedules. No mystery here!

Saturday is left for flexibility. I went for a hike one Saturday and may do so again. This past Saturday I hosted a brunch (and ate way way too much). I may go for runs over the weekend. There’s room for change/flexibility. I wanted a template of some sorts, and no more planning things over working out.

Maybe I’ll move weightlifting to Tuesday and Thursday?

We’ll keep keeping on and see how this goes.

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