Weightloss “motivation”

I get asked a lot what made me change. What was the deciding factor that tipped the table. I think I’ve blogged about this before, but there isn’t really one answer.

However, someone I was talking to mentioned she saw my instagram post of my fatest self. She met me when I was about halfway to where I’m at today, so about 30lbs down. She says she has a hard time believing that that was “me”, because “me” is very active.

Someone else has told me that “You haven’t changed”. Meaning, that I’m still me and haven’t changed my personality like some people that lose a lot of weight do.

If I had to pick my motivation to change, it would be that my inner identity did not match my actions. The real “me” isn’t lazy. “Me” isn’t full of excuses. “Me” is determined. “Me” is willing to accept responsibility. My decisions were inconsistent with my identity.

That’s why I didn’t “change” per say. That’s why it’s hard to imagine “me” any other way.

I find it hard to believe everyone doesn’t feel that way, that they’re capable of more than who they are today. What turns that feeling into action? Maybe this isn’t quite the answer I thought it was, but I feel like I’m closer.

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